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HIFLON MM2 powder is used as additive to greases, oils, sealing compounds, thermoplastics and for coating applications.


HIFLON MM2 powder is finely divided form of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) developed for use a dry lubricant and as additive for plastics, greases, industrial finishes, elastomers and printing inks.  This white powder imparts some of the properties of PTFE to the mix resulting in reduced friction and wear.


HIFLON PTFE has low coefficient of friction, non-stick surface characteristics, chemical inertness and a wide working temperature range from -250 oC to +260 oC.



HIFLON MM2 powder is excellent lubricant additive for specialized oils and greases designed for conditions/systems where conventional additives such as graphite and molybdenum disulphide are unsuitable.


HIFLON MM2 powder offers cleanliness, an important factor in greases intended for machineries in food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and dairy industries.  Also important for many engineering applications is the freedom from `stick-slip’ movement which is obtained as a result of the equal and very low coefficient of static and dynamic frictions of HIFLON PTFE. 




HIFLON MM2 powder filled greases are particularly well suited for applications which require low starting torques and where regular smooth sliding action is essential.  For example, miniaturize equipment and other mechanisms actuated by low power motors.


Other applications include lubrication at low temperatures, in corrosive conditions, where cleanliness is demanded and non-stick properties are required.


Some typical properties of HIFLON MM2 - Fluoro additive.


            Property                                  Test Method                            Unit                             Standard Value

Average bulk density                          ASTM D-1457                        grams/litre                   ≥ 250

Particle size distribution                      Laser Microtrac                       Micron                         10%  < 4

(volume basis)                                                                                                                         Avg.     8

                                                                                                                                                90% < 20

Melting peak temperature                   ASTM D-1457                        oC                               325 ± 10

Melt flow rate                                     ASTM D-1238                        g/10 minutes                ---

Specific surface area                           Nitrogen adsorption                M2/gram                      9.0

Molecular weight (Number Avg.)       --                                              ---                                1.5 x 104


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